Wood Supply Approach

Where ever possible we try to establish a local wood fuel community, between those involved in growing, harvesting, processing, delivery and use of the woodchip based on openness, equity and inclusion.

We look to support the local woodland owners by removing as many barriers as possible to bringing thier woodland resource back into management.

Fuel Chip supports local woodland owners by:

  • Administratively: by making Forestry Commission Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) applications and developing detailed Woodland Management Plans.
  • Practically: by working on the woodland owners land, exactly in accordance with their prescriptions.

Fuel Chip Ltd. has 25 years experience in forestry contracting and as a consequence, we have a strong background in woodland management and a good commercial understanding of the best approaches available in gaining optimum value from woodland resources. As such we are able to commit to the whole fuel cycle from purchasing standing timber, harvesting the trees with our own Scandinavian harvester (and maximising the value received for all segments of the tree that is harvested).

Small round-wood (lop and top) which is the residue left behind along with the better value broad leaf firewood after the more valuable ‘saw log’ timber is removed and sent to sawmills. It is this residue which is a major contributor to our Fuel Chip.

Our Fuel Chip is produced so that it conforms to standards to the timber supplied so that it is:

  • Sustainable and legal
  • Stacked in a location and manner that will aid natural drying
  • Located where it will be readily available for extraction from the woodland at the roadside.

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