Rising Energy Costs v Wood Chip Fuel

Rising costs of electricity, oil and gas continue to make wood chip an attractive option and choosing wood fuel to heat homes is a sustainable choice. Especially for those heat users who are already registered with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). With the wholesale price of conventional energy continuing to rise, wood chip has become […]

High Volume Locally Sourced Biomass Chip Now Available

fuelchip woodfuel

We currently have unprecedented volumes of good hardwood chip available from local infrastructure projects which, once dried and screened at our dedicated woodfuel hub, is processed into excellent quality biomass fuel for small to medium size biomass boilers. We also have invested in a new Euro 6 low emission delivery lorry which can enter the […]

Chip Chip Ltd – Biomass Chip supply disrupted by company closure

Chip Chip Ltd

After months of disrupted biomass wood chip supply and much reduced operations, one of our competitors Chipchip Ltd has gone into administration, leaving their customers in our locality without a reliable chip supply. Having already won a number of past Chip Chip Ltd customers over the past 12 months, Fuel Chip Ltd welcomes more of […]

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