Long term fuel management

Where Fuel Chip Ltd. utilises its 25 years of forestry contracting experience to take responsibility for the continuity of fuel supply to a customer's boiler.  In its simplest form we use our own equipment and specialist operators to (sustainabley) convert a client's woodland resource into wood chip fuel.  By harvesting, stacking / drying, processing, storing and delivering the fuel chip to the 'point of use' fuel store.  As required we incorporate Fuel Chip Ltd's own wood fuel with the heat demand customer's wood fuel, to ensure the long term continuity of fuel supply to customer's biomass boiler.

Very often this type of contractual arrangement works well for large land owning institutions and privately owned estates with woodland portfolios and endowments.  The appeal of this approach for biomass boiler owner with a woodland estate is that it provides a new market (revenue stream) for their low grade woodland resource and an element of control over their energy costs.  There is also no need to invest capital in specialist harvesting and chipping machinery, which would probably have limited / infrequent use on their estate.

There is a wide range of charging options for this type of contract, but ultimately we always look to provide a best fit to our customers' needs and circumstances. 

Briefly the options can be; by time (days worked), by volume of material converted in the wood, by volume of the finished product or by the heat energy provided (KW h). 

Our preference is to ultimately work with the customer towards a performance based contract of the heat energy provided.  As it is our belief this is the most equitable approach to adopt for both the heat demand customer and Fuel Chip Ltd; the customer is able to compare costs as directly as possible with other utility fuel services and Fuel Chip Ltd. is incentivised to process the customers' wood resource as efficiently as possible.

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