Lease of packaged boiler with fuel supply contract

We are developing a compact, reliable fully packaged boiler house and wood chip store (walking floor) both on a hook-bin frame.  The boiler house comes complete with plate heat exchangers, presurrisation unit, heat buffer vessel and includes an interim chip store (minum of 24 hours).  The biomass boiler is sized to the appropriate KW configuration to suit the shape of a customers heat load throughout the heating season.

The package approach is being developed to meet a number of requirements:

For property developers who have a commitment to installing a wood chip burning Energy Centre for a development to meet the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and Local Planning Authorities.

The Biomass Packaged Boiler Houses can be used to more precisely match the heat demands of a development through the life of the project through it's different phases.  As house sales and occupancy increases a daisy chain of packaged wood chip burning boiler houses can be employed by (temporarily) connecting them to the developments district heating main.

This strategy improves the financial modelling of capital investment against the revenue recieved in from house sales.  Once full occupancy is achieved, the building of the developments planned Biomass Energy Centre can be financially justified.

Some Institutional Landlords have properties which are geographically ideally suited to the application of biomass boilers to heat their boilers to heat their building because of their close proximity to sustainable woodland resource, but because of the age and structure of the building it is not technically / commercially feasible to retro fit the boiler house.  

Equally because of the nascent nature of the biomass fuel sector some property owners are reticent to adopt biomass as a fuel for heat.  As they have little confidence in the wood fuel supply chain.  The leasing of a packaged biomass boiler house provides the landlord with the opportunity to test how robust the supply chain is over a one or two year period, without removing the existing fossil burning boiler from a property.  As a consequence the landlord still has a fall back strategy (in their original boiler), should the supply of the biomass fuel prove to be unreliable.

There are Tenants of modern commercial business park type properties on a Full Repairing Insuring leases, also located close to a viable woodland resource.  In this circumstance it might be appropriate to lease a Packaged Wood Chip burning Boiler House, rather than go to the expence of retro fitting the boiler room to suit a biomass boiler (and then have to return the boiler room to it's original condition at the end of the tenancy).

The advantages to the customers of this utilising Biomass burning Packaged Boiler Houses in this manner is:

Savings on the boiler house, chip store and civil costs.

No planning permission is required, as the Packaged Boiler House is not a permanent installation.

Quick turn around of the installation with on site labour being kept to a minimum, very often units can be operational within hours of delivery, as 'hot contection' can be prepared in advance.  This is very often seen as an advantage for academic applications.

The interim fuel chip store ensures that all the wood chip is used before notification that the Hook-Bin Fuel Chip Store needs to be replaced.

Both the Boiler House and Fuel Chip Store can be finished in an aestically appropriate colour (matching the customer's property's RAL colours if need be).

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