Heat contracts energy metered fuel

We believe that for many heat users, Energy Metered Supply agreements are the most convenient and equitable way to use and pay for wood chip fuel.

With this arrangement, rather than paying for biomass fuel by the volume (cubic metre) or by weight (kilogram,) an MCS ( http://www.microgenerationcertification.org/installers) approved heat meter is connected to the primary hot water circuit of the boiler that records it's output and the customer pays at an agreed rate (KW h) for the heat energy used every month. Fuel Chip Ltd. is incentivised to supply wood chip with the low moisture content, as the lower the moisture content the higher the calorific value of the fuel chip.

It is important that both the heat demand customer and Fuel Chip Ltd. understand the loss of heat energy within the boiler; the district heating system if installed; and the impact that heat loss has on the whole installation.  With this knowledge both the customer and Fuel Chip Ltd. can equitably agree a value for metered heat (KW h). 

With the above in mind, Fuel Chip Ltd. ask a heat demand customer to pay for their fuel chip by volume in the first year of a supply contract; to agree in good faith to work together to understand the installations heat losses; and agree a metered heat rate (KW h) for the second year of the contract.  During the second year both parties then work on a form of indexing for future years.

Most modern biomass chip boilers operate from 85 to 92 % efficiency, so it is important to maintain this level of efficiency throughout a boiler's life-cycle. Annual and routine maintenance procedures are therefore also included within the contract.