Site surveys

We review the options for the layout and design of wood fuel chip storage and delivery arrangements at the customers site that will enable us to provide a proposal / quotation that offer best value for the fuel chip to be supplied.

Dependent on a client's circumstances and requirements, we generally consider the following elements:

  • Is there space available on site for both a biomass boiler and the fuel chip store?
    • Is any of the existing building stock suitable for conversion?
    • Is the ground soft enough to allow a subterranean chip store to be built?
    • Are there any utility service run underground in the proposed chip store's location?
    • Would a walking floor hook-bin offer the best value for money?
  • Establish what type and size of fuel chip delivery vehicle is most appropriate for the site circumstances and conditions, considering
    • Access route - road width.
    • Clearance height of overhanging trees & overhead power cables & phone lines.
    • The load bearing capacity and topography of the proposed route.
  • The impact of the delivery of the fuel chip and a biomass burning installation on Health & Safety of the site.
    • The required turning circles of different delivery circles.
    •  Safety of pedestrians.
    • Air quality requirements for the sites area - is it a smokeless zone?
    • Normal operating hours of the individual site
    • Of inclement weather on the delivery route
  • What the existing fossil fuel burning heating systems capacity is and the current shape of the heat demand, along with what the existing heating infrastructure is on site.
  • What energy conservation opportunities there might be and what contribution other renewable technologies might make to the heat duty of the site.
  • What the client's commercial requirements are and how they might impact on the delivery of the fuel chip.

This approach will help us establish:

  • size (KW rating) of the biomass boiler
  • size (m3) fuel chip store.
  • space (footprint) and location required for both fuel chip store and the boiler.
  • best delivery mechanisms for the fuel chip from fuel store to the boiler.
  • most appropriate fuel chip delivery vehicle and delivery times.
  • traffic management and signage required.
  • height of the flue or if a flue dilution fan is required and whether the site is in a 'smoke control area'.
  • that compliance with statutory requirements is possible.
  • what remedial actions might be included in any installation project plan, such as upgrading the access road or raising overhead cable heights.