Energy audit

Our customers needs and requirements vary widely, ranging from a quick walk through to a detailed Infrared Thermographic Audit.

A clear understanding of these requirements are therefore always sort, identified, and a service to match these needs is clearly articlated within a detailed scope of works, before any audit work is commenced.

The object of the audit is to survey the building and analise the energy use for energy conservation in the building.  In order to understand the opportunities (measures) for reducing energy consumption while maintaining the comfort levels within the property. 

The ultimate aim being to prioritise the energy uses by the most cost effective opprotunities for energy savings.


  • The analysis of the building and utility data, including a study of the installed equipment and an analysis of energy bills.
  • Survey of the operating conditions.
  • Review of the building and the influence of weather, occupancy levels and operating schedules.
  • Evaluation and selection of energy conservation opportunities.
  • Estimation of energy saving potential.
  • Understanding of the customers and occupants requirements and concerns.