Fuel Chip Ltd. looks to support commercial organisations, the public sector and Government agencies in the design of wood chip fuel burning installations, considering the environmental, social and economic impact of any project.

Fuel Chip Ltd's team has the relevant experience and background in forestry contracting, facilities management, installation and maintenance engineering generally and the production of wood chip fuel specifically, to offer advice and a consultancy service to support a client who are planning a wood fuel project or advise on better leveraging an existing biomass installation.

This knowledge and in depth know-how enables us to; help clients access if wood chip as a fuel is the most appropriate technology for their circumstances, how best to develop a strong long term secure sustainable supply partnership with local woodland owners.  Again to access what might be the best business plan / financing model for the client's project, whether the project is viable in the long run and what might be the best project plan to adopt to develop the scheme to realisation.