Date for your diary: 5 October 2015 for new sustainability criteria for RHI payments Fuel Chip Lorry

From 5 October 2015, you must use fuels that meet the sustainability criteria to continue to receive your Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments.

The simplest way for you to meet the criteria is to use sustainable fuel bought through us, Fuel Chip Limited, as we are a registered supplier on the Biomass Suppliers' List (BSL) which records sellers of wood fuels that meet the RHI sustainability criteria.


If you don't use the BSL, you will have to report quarterly to Ofgem on the sustainability of your fuel. A carbon calculator has been developed to help determine GHG emissions associated with the cultivation, processing and transportation of biomass fuels, which can be found on the Ofgem website.


Ofgem recommend using up your old fuel stock now and start using sustainable fuels to ensure you continue to receive RHI payments. If they consider the fuels you are using to be unsustainable after 5 October 2015, you are likely to be in breach of your ongoing obligations and RHI payments may be stopped.


If you haven't yet prepared, then you need to do so before 5th October to ensure your RHI payments are not affected.


Do I need to submit a Fuel Measurement and Sampling Questionnaire?


You only need to submit a Fuel Measurement and Sampling Questionnaire if you are self-reporting. You only need to self-report if you use non-woody biomass, use biogas, produce biomethane or are not using 100% BSL-authorised fuels. If you aren't self-reporting then you do not need to fill one in. If you are self-reporting, fill in the questionnaire as soon as possible, and email it to

See sustainability factsheet:

If you have any questions about the sustainability requirements, please email us: or telephone the RHI enquiry line: 0845 200 2122.