Fuel Comparison Table

Fuel Comparison Table

The prices detailed above are for 'guidance only' and represent typical Pence per Kilo Watt hour costs of heat fuel for comparison. 

All fuel prices can vary widely dependent on a number of factors, the geographical region, the term and value of the supply contract.  The required delivery technique for a biomass boiler installation can have a major impact on where woodchip sits on the price spectrum.   In general terms the higher the capital investment in a chip stores the lower the cost to deliver the wood chip.  The time (and by association the cost) taken to tip a load of wood chip is much less than the time it takes to blow the same volume of wood chip into an above ground store.  It follows that the investment in the design and build of a fuel store provides significant financial savings over the life cycle of an installation.

The price of wood chip can also vary dependent on the distance of the boiler from the woodchip supplier's processing / distributing hub, the volume of chip delivered and the moisture content of the wood chip.  The woodchip price detailed (on the comparison table) is made on the basis of a 36m3 delivered load by a tipped hook-lift vehicle. 

The prices detailed do not represent the cost of 'delivered heat', which is a value that is dependent on the efficiency of the boiler used, how well a boiler is serviced and maintained and what heat losses there may be in the infrastructure of a heating system.

Were ever possible the information has been taken from the DECC Quarterly Energy Report.  Prices for LPG (for example) are not available from DECC, but have been sourced by Fuel Chip Ltd. from companies who supply customers from the Midlands down to the northern edge of London. 

If you are customer with an LPG supply contract and would like to contribute LPG price information to us, please use the 'Contact us' tab to send an e-mail with the information, as we would welcome any additional price data provided.